International Christian Fellowship

We are a group made up of students & non-students,
native & non-native English speakers, young & old,
who come together to worship in the name of Christ
to equip ourselves for lives of faith and
to enjoy fellowship with other Christians & God’s world.
A ministry of the United Presbyterian Church, the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) is a place where both students and non-students can get together to celebrate our diversity and enjoy fellowship in Christ. Our church has a broad diversity of people from both US and abroad. This means we enjoy a broad range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

If you want to participate in any following activity, contact the church office!

Language Partner Program
Native English speakers are paired with non-native speakers, who meet together once a week to converse solely in English. It is “Open to anybody.”

A Language Partner is any person who is willing to devote one hour a week in helping another develop her or his conversational skills in and around the community. The focus of each partnership is determined by the interest of the persons involved. It requires no experience other than a commitment to experience with another the unfamiliar demands of living in a new and exciting place. There is a list of things two people can do together:

  • Going to the coffee shop to chat
  • Going out for a meal
  • Watching a tv show once a week and discussing it
  • Reading a newspaper together
  • Visiting a grocery store
  • Reading a book together
  • Discussing holidays/Working through English textbooks
  • Helping with homework

One native speaker wrote about her relationship with her partner: “We have much in common, things I would never have known without the one-on-one time our meetings have afforded us. Personal connections across cultures is our only hope for world peace, I believe.”

We watch movies, go hiking, and have field trips to historic and interesting places in Indiana.

Collage of international activities