UPC News

Each edition of Reaching U.P. includes a variety of valuable information concerning the church and church family. Monthly submission include: church related articles; a monthly calendar; how to get involved with the church; a financial report; reminders of anniversaries and birthdays; and articles written and submitted by friends and members.

Reaching U.P. is distributed as a hard copy on the last Sunday of each month. It is mailed to those that request it, and is also emailed to UPC’s distribution list.

Reaching U.P. continues to serve as a medium for communication among members. It helps keep friends and members informed of UPC’s activities. It also serves as a guide for those interested in attending UPC on a regular basis and for those contemplating membership at UPC.

Article submissions are accepted at any time. Please email UPCbloomington@gmail.com by the 15th for additions to the following months newsletter.

Current issue: Reaching U.P., December 2017